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Item Price
12 Months alarm maintenance contract (audible only) From£85.00
7.2 or 8.4 volt battery (Fitted in siren enclosure)£15.00
9 volt Alkaline battery£3.25
AA or AAA Alkaline battery£0.90
ADSL Professional filter installed to BT line box the best way to filter Broadband£31.00
CSL Mini Air Installation one off charge£65.00
CSL Mini Air annual fee. My Home Alarm App£96.00
Daitem Battery Detector or Door contact.£20.00
Daitem Battery, Panel and sounder. £32.00
Door contact replacment (flush or surface)£50.00
Dual technology movement detector replacement (bug & spider proof) £54.00
Eaton Secure Connect App. Remote administration (Free with valid service contract)£0.00
Eaton WiFi Module for wireless connection to i-on 40 H£94.00
Eaton i-on 30 EXD control panel & keypad up to 10 zones. £369.00
Eaton i-on 40 H smart phone control, hybrid alarm panel & i-on keypad £469.00
Extra Remote Keypad (bedroom or garage) Scantronic i-on£105.00
Garage Door Contact up & over (fitted in an integral garage)£70.00
Heavy duty aluminium door contact replacement £24.00
Hormann 2 button hand transmitter High-gloss chrome key chain.£64.00
Hormann 2 button hand transmitter for insertion into car cigarette lighter socket.£44.00
Hormann 4 button standard & mini transmitter or 2 button micro keyring type£39.00
Hormann garage door radio interface. For upgrading exisiting electric garage door operators. Enabling new hi security transmitters to be used.£97.00
Internal Speaker (repeating keypad sounds chimes etc)£35.00
Keypad membrane buttons for older Regalsafe RS- 40, 55, 64 & 125£49.00
Keypad rubber buttons (Regent)£10.00
Manuals (User) all free to download-(Click on view manuals)£0.00
Menvier Keypad New£95.00
Menvier Keypad lid repair exchange£25.00
Panic Button Bedroom.£55.00
Panic Button fitted adjacent any keypad£30.00
Panic button spare key£1.00
Pet Tolerant movement detector dual technology (replacment)£64.00
Polycarbonate Dummuy Red Siren. white lid.£52.00
Polycarbonate Red Siren & Strobe. white backlit lid twin flash led£92.00
Prox tag setting upgrade with 2 tags (Menvier systems only)£49.00
Prox tags spare each£5.00
Radio transmitter with door contacts fitted in remote Garage/ Shed receiver interfaced to existing alarm panel (Monitors with system set or not!)£199.00
Siren/Bell driver module with rechargeable battery including cut off timer (fitted in outside siren)£44.00
Smoke detector 12 volt connected to alarm system£49.00
Smoke detector mains with built in 10 year battery and hush button (No battery to change)£57.00
Speech Dialler SD1+£185.00
Stainless Steel Decoy Siren (only fitted to quality systems)£59.00
Stainless Steel Siren/ Strobe with twin flashing L.E.D.£115.00
Strobe light (Replacment)£15.00
Tamper switch fitted in siren housing£9.00
Twin flashing L.E.D. With 5 year battery In rear dummy bell box£16.00
UPVC or Composite Door Contact fitted to a new replacment door, fitted within the frame and door. (Contact us well before fitting)£52.00
Item Price
MC Alarms Price List - 29th Jan 2020, all prices are fully inclusive (E&OE)