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"Mr. Cram is an Asset in every Respect

Mr. Martin Cram is providing right from the outset a proof of both his organized nature and his high respect for the protection of his customers’ property

Mr. Cram approaches his customer.s house equipped with his three characteristic trademarks: a versatile usable three step ladder, on top of which his laptop is placed along with an extra pair of slippers in his hands he changes right into before entering the house.

There can’t be a better choice than Mr. Cram - considering a tradesman working in your house everywhere unobserved, and left on his own for hours. Mr. Cram is an amiable, polite and very obliging person. He has a gentle and unassuming manner. His reliability and trustworthiness are above questioning.

The quality of Mr. Cram’s work and high standard of his services are a class of its own

Mr. Cram is highly organized in his personal thinking and execution along with an excellent time management. The very tricky exchange of our outdated system along with the re-installation of the modern MC alarms system as well as his regular, thorough maintenance services have all provided a clear evidence of his first-rate professional competence and customer care.

Mr. Martin Cram is single-minded in his pursuit of providing excellent performance and services along with meeting, even enhancing his customers’ satisfaction level.

In emergency cases, Mr. Cram has been providing immediate expert support and issue resolution thereby proven to sparing neither trouble nor expense to prevent re-occurrences and re-establish his customer’s piece of mind."

Mrs EAE, lic. oec. publ., Colchester

"According to my long experience and technical judgement, Mr Cram is a highly capable, conscientious and dedicated, full-blooded electrical engineer along with the strong commitment to deliver excellence and reliability of his services in the installation and maintenance of high-quality, value adding alarm systems. Mr Cram has been delivering the best and highest quality services compared to those we have experienced in our residences in various countries including Germany, Switzerland, USA and UK."

Dr PWE, Colchester

"The initial installation of my alarm system was undertaken on time and with no fuss. Unlike some companies I have dealt with, service visits ensure that the system is well maintained and undertaken by a friendly, trustworthy engineer.

If there are any issues arising Martin Cram has been on the end of the telephone offering immediate support to resolve issues, however small.

I can thoroughly recommend MC Alarms - quality products and services, with a genuine friendly face."

D S, Brentwood

"I would be delighted to recommend MC Alarms to anyone contemplating the installation, and on-going maintenance of an alarm system. The service is first class, friendly and expert. The equipment reliable and resilient. There is no hard sell, just sheer professionalism and obvious pride in a job well done."

R P, Rayleigh

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